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Since 2009, Eco Life Shutters have been dedicated in providing Plantation Shutters to greater Sydney, Wollongong, Campbelltown, Penrith, Windsor & Surrounding Areas . We do wholesale & manufacturing of fauxwood plantation shutters with aluminium inserts, shutter profiles and components. Our service team has installed over 15 thousands houses and apartments! Eco Life custom made shutters are of high quality and craftsmanship, extremely durable, water proof and beautifully finished with long lasting water base coating.

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Style of Plantation Shutters

The Eco Life Plantation Shutters are made with rear aluminum control rod on the back of the shutters facing the glass. The benefit of plantation is to separate the control rods in different groups that you may leave bottom part of the louvers closed while leave top louvres open.

The control rod can be placed in the middle, or side of the shutter facing inside of the room. Theses style is mostly found in older production

The control bar can also be hidden in the style by using plastic gearing and a belt to move the louvres, replacing louvre or repair would require more work then the visible control bar

There are a few different frames can be chosen to fit the Eco Life Plantation Shutters, Crown Z frame, Bull nose Frame, or Reveal fit frame.

Experienced Eco Life will also help you with defining how the shutters are opened, such L, R, LDR, DLR, LTLDRTR, DLRTLDR, and many other way to open the shutters.

Eco Life Plantation Shutters can also be made in:

  • Sliding shutters: doors on single, double or triple track,
  • Bifold Shutters: just make them as stacker shutters folding to one side or both sides.
  • Fixed Shutters: Fixed with no opening options. Ideal for Small Windows and Bathrooms
  • Hinged Shutters: Most Popular Plantation Shutters.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters in Sydney are more and more popular these days to convert the old styled windows into the modern age. 
The main advantages of the plantation shutters are:

  • Longevity: The most popular plantation shutters in Sydney today are made of PVC also called Polymer, Thermopoly or Fauxwood with aluminium-reinforced core in white colours. These products generally will last over 25 years because of the stability of PVC.
  • Versatile: Many people opt for plantation shutters nowadays because of the full control of privacy even when the windows are kept open, unlike with blinds such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds or curtains. The louvres of the plantation shutters can be controlled in separate sections, for example you can close the bottom section of a plantation shutter while leaving the top section of the louvres open to let light in while people cannot see you. Blinds can get damaged easily and can be noisy too.
  • Insulation: Insulation of plantation shutters is great for both heat and sound due to the thickness of the plantation shutter. Plantation shutters is the best way to save energy.
  • Elegant look: The plantation shutters provide stately look for the house that can lift the overall aesthetic beauty of your place. The elegant style of our plantation shutter range is very popular throughout Sydney.
  • Ease of use: Plantation Shutters is high in demand as it is easy to handle and maintain. The plantation shutter does not attract dirt like the other window cover options and can be cleaned off with a simple wipe with a cloth. PVC plantation shutters also known as Polymer, Thermopoly or Fauxwood with aluminium-reinforced core are fully waterproof and thus can even be used outdoors.
  • Weather proof: The PVC plantation shutters also called Polymer, Thermopoly or Fauxwood with aluminium-reinforced core are completely waterproof. You may use the PVC plantation shutter indoor and outdoor, as there is no worry regarding them getting damaged in the rainy season.
  • Good investment: Due to the long life of plantation shutters, It is a onetime investment that will retain and add value to your property even if you ever decide to sell your house. For moving or renting out the property, the plantation can be cleaned easily when changing tenants.
  • Saving Huge and buying direct from Eco Life Shutters Factory: We make excellent PVC plantation shutters and have supplied and installed over 30 thousands households in Sydney till now. With expertise from consultation to installation, we make each and every customer a happy customer by giving them the best product in the market with the most affordable prices.
Type of Plantation shutters
Solid PVC plantation shutter with Aluminum core

The Solid PVC Plantation shutters also called Thermopoly Plantation Shutters, Polymer Plantation shutters or most in the States called fauxwood shutters. Eco Life PVC plantation shutter are made of pure virgin PVC with UV stabilization and covered with UV stabilized water base two pack coating which make the shutters a life time product even it is placed outdoor directly under the sun and rain. Visually, it is almost impossible to tell if the shutters are made with solid pvc or timber

Timber Plantation shutters

The timber plantation shutter is made of Basswood, Paulownia wood, Red cedar wood and the most expensive wood shutter is the Red cedar. The curing of wood before coating is very important, without proper curing, the coat can crack when these shutters are used in a dryer environment such as in Australia. Even coated with paint, the wood plantation shutter shall not be exposed to wet area, rain water and such to avoid damage

Aluminum Plantation shutters

The Aluminum Plantation shutters are made of full aluminum which is ideal for outdoor application. The outdoor plantation shutter allows you to control the angle of louvres instead fix louvre aluminum partition panels.

Other type of plantation shutters

At early stage hollow PVC without aluminum core or MDF are also used to make shutters

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Eco Life Shutters have been dedicated in providing Plantation Shutters to greater Sydney, Wollongong, Campbelltown, Penrith, Windsor & Surrounding Areas.
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