Free Onsite Quote

  • Seven days free onsite quote by our consultant who has been in the business for 30 years and visited over 20,000 houses.

Guide to Self Measure

  • Please provide us your house plan, window drawing with measurement or sketched window measurement. We will be giving you a quote immediately.
  • Measurement guide.

Supply Only

  • Our experience sales team will guide you through obtaining correct measurement.
  • We will ensure that all specification are explained and data collected.
  • Australia wide delivery.
  • Video installation guide given once order is in place.

Installation and Service

  • Our professional installation team will ensure each installation meets your.
  • 15000 houses/apartment installation experience.
  • Speedy and mess free installation.

Retailer Training

  • Assistance to our retail partner for all technical and product support required.

Manufacturing Training

  • Assistance to establish Plantation shutter manufacturing facility, equipment operation and production training.